In Canada’s open society, aging is still an uncomfortable topic for mainstream media—but PhotoSensitive has decided to tackle it and shine light onto the lives of older adults with black and white photography. Canada's photographers are turning their collective lens to reexamine what it means to age.

May, in her room at Nellie’s, a women’s shelter in downtown Toronto, Ontario. “I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. I am homeless. My husband took away everything. But my journey has brought me to a better path in life.”This photo is part of the series A Life Reclaimed, an ongoing project that strives to shed light on the hidden truth of gender-based violence that affects one in two women in every society, across every class and race, and at every stage of life from infancy to old age. May, at 67, is a survivor of emotional and financial abuse perpetrated by her husband.Like many of the photos in the series, this one freezes a moment of sadness and hope. There is the deep sense of abandonment and isolation, of a woman forced into exile from her home. And there is the growing sense of extraordinary resiliency, of a woman experiencing a rebirth of identity and empowerment.

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