In Canada’s open society, aging is still an uncomfortable topic for mainstream media—but PhotoSensitive has decided to tackle it and shine light onto the lives of older adults with black and white photography. Canada's photographers are turning their collective lens to reexamine what it means to age.

Like a growing number of Canadian grandparents, Margaret Claus has once again assumed the role of caregiver, this time to raise her great-granddaughter. “It’s challenging trying to do the things of a 30-year-old when I’m nearly 80,” says Margaret. However, despite the tribulations of day-to-day life, the rewards are great. In addition to general life skills, Margaret is passing along an awareness of and respect for their shared Mohawk heritage, which was not part of Margaret’s upbringing in Hamilton, Ontario. “It wasn’t even thought about back then,” says Margaret. Both have been through Mohawk-language immersion programs, and Margaret hopes her great-granddaughter will continue learning her language. “She’s doing something that I would have wanted to do. I live that part of my life through her.”

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