In Canada’s open society, aging is still an uncomfortable topic for mainstream media—but PhotoSensitive has decided to tackle it and shine light onto the lives of older adults with black and white photography. Canada's photographers are turning their collective lens to reexamine what it means to age.

Helmi Lowen, now 74, works on her farm in Coldstream, BC, on June 3, 2011. Along with her husband Cornelius, now 81, they work 3.7 acres of garlic, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables. "Just about anything you need in the kitchen is right here. I get bored very quickly and so does Cornelius," says Lowen, who has three years of elementary education. Growing up with family members who called her 'useless' made Lowen want to prove them wrong. "I was willing to try and not be afraid of doing things." Her advice to other seniors? "Be active, do something that you're good at. Find something to do so that you're not sitting at home brooding and complaining about the government."

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