In Canada’s open society, aging is still an uncomfortable topic for mainstream media—but PhotoSensitive has decided to tackle it and shine light onto the lives of older adults with black and white photography. Canada's photographers are turning their collective lens to reexamine what it means to age.

Selima Onalik (69) and Minnie Etok Morgan (69), from Kangiqsualujjuaq (George River) in Nunavik, are taking every chance they have, out on the land to live the traditional Inuit life.”Last night, before climbing in our sleeping bags, I went out and fired my rifle in the four directions to let animals know we were there and armed “ said Minnie with a grin on her face.Here, Minnie does some bead art while Selima watches. The later says that she can't bead anymore because of her foggy vision. She is expecting a cataract surgery but is not sure she will go, being afraid of coming out of the operating room blind, which happened to her mother, around 30 years ago. The two elders are very proud of their fishing skills and laugh a lot about their feats. "Younger generation, they don't like to be on the land as much as us. Many of us were born in a camp like this one and we spent our younger years on the land”.

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