In Canada’s open society, aging is still an uncomfortable topic for mainstream media—but PhotoSensitive has decided to tackle it and shine light onto the lives of older adults with black and white photography. Canada's photographers are turning their collective lens to reexamine what it means to age.

A native of England, Angela Palmer has lived in Canada most of her life and has loved the outdoors since childhood. Now 84, she walks many kilometres, in all seasons, in her adopted home of Prince Edward County, Ontario. A keen observer, she constantly compares the birds, insects, flowers and weather patterns to those she recalls from her homeland. Bundled against the chill wind blowing off of Lake Ontario, she was strolling the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park when Phillip Norton took this photo. “She was walking bare-legged and explained to me that her long dress trapped an insulating pocket of air, like a kilt,” says Phillip.

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