PhotoSensitive's exhibition featuring Canadians affected by prostate cancer, presented in partnership with Prostate Cancer Canada, will launch in October in Halifax.

The exhibition will then be travelling across the country.

The latest submission to TIEd Together comes from author and prostate cancer survivor Dan Hennessey (pictured left), a resident of Newcombville, Nova Scotia. Dan’s book With The Snap Of A Glove: One Man’s Account of Living with Prostate Cancer reflects his belief that the solution to the problem that plagues 1 in 6 Canadian men is merely an issue of awareness. 

He hopes the book will therefore increase awareness of prostate cancer and the need for early detection. It is also a touching story of survival and hope for others experiencing the number one cancer affecting Canadian men. You can find out more at www.snapofaglove.ca.


Over 50 photos already submitted to TIEd Together exhibition

PhotoSensitive has teamed up with Prostate Cancer Canada to produce TIEd Together, a compelling black and white photo exhibition chronicling Canadians’ experiences with prostate cancer.

At a time when one in six Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, there has never been a more pressing need for PhotoSensitive to partner with Prostate Cancer Canada to raise awareness of the disease.  We are very excited to announce the first exhibition, which is scheduled for October 2011 in Halifax, NS. The show will then travel to Ottawa, ON, Toronto, ON, Winnipeg, MB, Edmonton, AB, Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC. 

The TIEd Together exhibition will go a long way to help raise awareness of the disease, the support available and means of prevention.

We already have 50 wonderful participants from across the country and are looking for more. We are currently accepting images of prostate cancer survivors, their family and loved ones, or people whom the disease has taken. 

To find out more, please visit www.photosensitive.com/pc. Here you can view our gallery, read personal testimonies, learn about how to submit photos, and download a release form.  Please contact Marni Wolf at marni@photosensitive.com or telephone (905) 282-9074 with any submissions and/or questions.



Winston’s Story

Winston had just turned 61 when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2002. Fourtunately he was a true believer in regular PSA tests, having realized their importance for men past a certain age. After a small spike in one test he sought out a second opinion despite the fact that his urologist told him there was nothing to worry about.

Thanks to his perseverance, Winston was diagnosed at an early enough stage for the cancer to be treated, and since then has been healthy, as proven by regular check-ups.  He recognizes that his perseverance was crucial in ensuring that his cancer was discovered in time. 

“I took control of my situation,” says Winston. “You have to be your own advocate." 

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