EMAIL YOUR PHOTO to or post your photo if you have a hard copy of it to Marni Wolf, Photosensitive, 4242 Rockwood Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1L8. We can scan it and convert it into black and white.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Ideally black and white, 20" x 16" at 300 dpi, in jpg or tiff format. Please include a 50-word caption desribing the photo and the subject's experience with cancer.

DOWNLOAD A RELEASE FORM HERE and either email it to or fax it to 905-272-0474.

TIMELINE The invitation for submissions is currently open; we are planning our first exhibition in the fall of 2011, with more throught the following twelve months. More details will be posted once confirmed.

CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION Please confirm your commitment to participate by calling or emailing Marni Wolf, Project Coordinator at or 905-282-9074.

OWNERSHIP/COPYRIGHT As with all of our projects, the owner retains the ownership and copyright on their image, with the understanding that PhotoSensitive and Prostate Cancer Canada may use the image for non-commercial purchases in connection with TIEd Together.