Andrew Stawicki

Andrew Stawicki
Andrew Stawicki began his photographic career in his native Poland. In 1982 he brought his family to Canada, where he joined the staff of the Toronto Star. Andrew's photographs appeared in 'A Day In The Life Of...', books on Canada, Japan,the U.S, Spain and the Soviet Union. He is a gold medalist in the Society of Newspaper Design Awards and CAPIC Awards. Andrew was the National Newspaper Award winner in the Features category in 1993 and 1999. His 10-year photographic study on Mennonites was published in his book, 'People Apart' in 1995. As the founding photographer of PhotoSensitive, Andrew has helped to create a unique and powerful ensemble of talented men and women who, through black-and-white photography, enrich, enlighten and educate Canadians on issues of social significance.
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