The Beauty Project

Picture Change

This new exhibition produced by PhotoSensitive will contain one photo by each of over 100 top Canadian photographers. This collection of the most meaningful photos in each photographer’s portfolio will become a body of work highlighting the way that photography can make a positive change in the world. It could be a photo that inspired action among the public, one that helped bring about a change in law or one that simply forced its viewers to re-think their preconceived ideas.

  • Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay Street (opening outdoors July 16th-August 5th)
  • 130 Adelaide Street West (outdoor August 7- August 26)
  • 1 Adelaide Street East (outdoor August 26- September 15)
  • 3300 Bloor St. West (indoor September 16- September 30)
  • 2 Bloor St. West (indoor September 30- October 14)
  • 200 Wellington St. West (indoor October 14- October 28)
  • 123 Front St. West (indoor October 28- November 11)