The Beauty Project

About Picture Change

This exhibit of 100 stunning black-and-white photographs is a carefully assembled gift—a gift from some of Canada's finest photographers. Each photograph changed something, sometimes something big and sometimes something small, but always something significant. Each image changed the photographer; it often changed the life of the people in the photographs, and now, it has the power to change you.

Many of the photographers had a vast library of images from which to choose. Some are photojournalists who have worked on national and international assignments that involved important social change. Picture Change offers the rare chance to look at all of these photos together, this body of work, and feel the collective power.

Framing a moment in time helps you find the moment and grab it and make something of it. Photographers do this every day; their cameras are powerful tools of social change. Andrew Stawicki feels each of us has the power to frame a moment, to really see what is going on, and then act. These images were taken by photographers who excel at their art form, but Andrew believes the power to change is accessible to us all.

After you have walked through the exhibit, he has a simple but inspired request.

"Think about your own life and find something you want to change for the better. We have offered you almost 100 images. But you can make your own pictures! You can keep the spirit of this show going. Use your own eyes and sensibilities. If you're upset about homelessness, take a minute to talk to the woman on the street corner who has nothing. If you're concerned about teenage depression, get involved in helping just one kid you love who you know is struggling. You will be changing the world. And the world will be changing you. Frame the pictures in your life that need attention. Because if we all do that, imagine what we can be."