Brynn Campbell

The project that Tammy, a drug user, and photographer Brynn Campbell envisioned was to be about society’s stigmas toward people who were marginalized. “But over the months, I noticed a tremendous change in Tammy,” says Brynn. “The project was helping her stay off drugs.”
The two first met in April 2012, when Brynn went to Tammy’s home, to watch her smoke crack and to hear about the sexual and physical abuse that prompted her to start using at fifteen. Diagnosed HIV positive—her partner of ten years, also a drug user, had knowingly given her the disease—Tammy coped as she always did: the more pain in life, the higher the dose. “The stigmas and ignorance that society has toward drug addicts and HIV didn’t help Tammy’s situation either,” says Brynn. “But something happened as she shared her story with the world through photographs.”
Strength, resolve, feeling safe, feeling empowered, coming to trust an outsider … “Whatever it was, wherever it came from, I was fortunate to witness and photograph Tammy’s transformation,” says Brynn. “These images of her, in the early days and in the later days, are proof that a drug-free life is possible, that love and compassion are what people in Tammy’s situation need most.”

“Going with the flow” has always been Brynn Campbell’s motto, especially when it comes to her career path. Photojournalism is something that life put into her hands to use as a tool to help bring awareness to issues in this world. After a seventeen hour overnight bus in India, Brynn had an epiphany that the path she was on a long journey all around this globe where she would photograph the state of consciousness of the world.­