Cristian Castro

For nearly two decades, the so-called “bottle”—a meeting of friends in the streets to drink, talk and listen to music—was held in various cities of Spain. In Palma de Mallorca, more and more young people joined this activity, which eventually became a weekend ritual. It would draw 3,000 to 4,000 people, including minors, who would drink until dawn and leave a large amount of waste, as shown in Cristián’s photo.

“The newspaper I worked for at the time published reports, with photos, denouncing this situation,” says Cristián. Residents and merchants in the area joined in protesting the weekend gatherings, questioning the City Council about the purpose and value of this activity. These gatherings were seen as detrimental to the  tranquility of the environment, creating degrading experiences for pedestrians and other users of public spaces, impeding normal circulation and finally leading to the spaces becoming primarily known for the influx of minors who consumed alcoholic beverages.

Eventually, a municipal ordinance was passed regulating the use of public and civic spaces, prohibiting the practice of the “bottle” and empowering City Hall to take action against those who threatened the security of citizens.

Born in Santiago, Chile on August 15, 1967, Cristián Castro was interested in photography even as child and he studied it in a school in Vancouver. Cristián has worked as a fototógrafo for nearly 20 years for various advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, publishing as a photographer and graphic editor in Chile and Spain.
He is currently living in Saskatoon.