Fabrice Strippoli

Photographs have the power to confront reality, without artifice. Black and white film, in stripping away colours, strips away all possibility of unreal manipulation and prevents seduction.
Witnessing the violence in this image makes us uncomfortable … like we should not be watching.
“My photographs do not change the world,” says Fabrice Strippoli, “but act instead as a fire starter, prompting a common reflection about being human.”
And in the role of the viewer, prompting us to ask: What is our responsibility? What is our response?

Fabrice’s black and white approach to photography is both personal and photojournalistic. Still using film and darkroom skill to finesse the final image, his book Dark City is a statement to classical street photography with a strong visual narrative. Fabrice’s work has been shown in Canada, UK, USA, France, and Belgium.  His work can also be found in the collection of the Rochester Institute of Technology, The Marshall McLuhan School, Art Actuel Paris and many private collections. A graduate of photography from Ryerson University, he is currently working as Director of Contrast Canadian Photographic Works.
Fabrice is a regular contributor to GEIST Magazine and Millenium Images UK.