Frank Mazzuca

Can you remember going to a restaurant or cooking at home and eating something incredibly delicious, and then trying to describe it to a friend or family member? Frank Mazzuca sees the sharing of cuisine with others as a way to gain knowledge and insight into cultures vastly different from one’s own.
FoodBytes is a personal project that has become part of his day-to-day routine. When he visits a new restaurant, cooks at home with family or tastes exciting flavours, he wants to share his experience through photography. His work with FoodBytes has led to a widespread trend among family, friends and colleagues to join this massive exchange of mouthwatering, inspiring images.
“All who have taken part in FoodBytes have mentioned that it has changed the way they see and eat food,” says Frank.

“Passionate about photography” is an understatement for Frank Mazzuca! He is far from your everyday photographer. With over 60 solo/group exhibitions since 1991, Mazzuca continues to build on his passion for photography. Whether working on commissioned assignments, portraiture, people & places, commercial projects that include fashion & food, fine art portfolios, or contributing to PhotoSensitive assignments, Mazzuca continues to capture photography with purpose.
“We are historians...story tellers with a camera.”
Frank is also the principal at Mazzuca Design, Photography & Ideas Inc. along with MSpace Photogallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.