Hugh Wesley

This picture of Anne is from a 2006 calendar featuring residents living at the Claremont Retirement Residence in Toronto. The calendar affirmed in the minds of family, friends, the public and, most importantly, the residents themselves that their passion for life is meaningful and no less valuable because of their age.
Most folks photographed were in their 80s and 90s. At 78, Anne was the youngest—a refined, modest and somewhat shy woman. Like most of the seniors, she was wary of being in the project, especially when she was asked to pose precariously straddling two tables with a powerful fan blowing under her dress. But seeing herself as the calendar cover girl delighted her, and she confidently enjoyed a centre stage she had never dreamed of.
Hugh Wesley has photographed residents for six more calendars, which have raised more than $100,000 for charities. Each year the residents embrace a new theme with a take-no-prisoners attitude as they break the stereotype of seniors in retirement homes. And Anne has been in every calendar.

As a reporter/photographer and chief photographer for 14 years then photo-editor and the Director of Photography at the Toronto Sun for 15 years, Hugh Wesley has extensive creative experience producing and creating images from events that will appeal to the media. His work has been published in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Macleans, Toronto Life, all of the Postmedia (Formerly Canwest) Papers, and in many recent advertising campaigns in the seniors’ sectors.