Irvin Mintz

Sometimes change means adaptation. In her youth, Sonja Veg danced the ballet. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis fourteen years ago, she began to lose her abilities on the dance floor. The advent of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Toronto chapter’s wheelchair dancing program in conjunction with the Chance Dance Centre and the Leslois Shaw Foundation brought her back to the boards. In this photo, Sonja works on a few moves with instructor Sergey Muretov.
Sonja’s not confined to a wheelchair at all times—she also uses a cane or a scooter—but dancing had become an activity that required physical support from her husband. Wheelchair dancing lets Sonja forget her limitations and instead focus on the self-assurance and pleasure that dance can bring.

Irvin Mintz studied photography at Humber College and began working as a freelancer while he was still a student in 1977. Irvin has spent most of his career working for papers in the Metroland chain with stops in Aurora, Oakville, Oshawa, and his current position as chief photographer with The Mirror newspapers in Toronto.