Jean-Eudes Schurr

This photo of Philippe Pietacho, a long-time Community Chief for the Ekuanitshit, was part of a series for the French magazine Grand-Reportages. Even after giving up his position, Philippe remained, until his death, one of the most respected Amerindian personalities in Quebec and Canada. His efforts to preserve the environment and to promote Amerindian culture with the younger generations have been widely recognized.
The photos also appeared in various newspapers covering travel topics in Quebec and in a book about Quebec. That visibility prompted the heads of the Ekuanitshit community to use the images on posters and educational publications aimed at the immediate community and the wider Innu Nation in the province.
“There was already a real willingness to change things in the community,” says photographer Jean-eudes Schurr, “and in seeing those images, the local leadership thought they could be the right support in actions and efforts to build community pride and cohesion.” The photos played a part in promoting traditional culture to the younger generations and better educating them about it.

JE Schurr was a photojournalist in Europe for more than twenty years before settling in Montreal in 1992. He then continued to collaborate with European newspapers and editors while at the same time setting up ‘Productions de l’Oeil’, a company which specializes in developing photojournalism in Quebec. In his work for numerous photo agencies he traveled the world with news items and documentaries that were then published in Geo, Grands Reportages, Match, VSD, Liberation, Newsweek, Time, New York Times and Marie-Claire among others. In Quebec, he took part in numerous photographic collectives that have been exhibiting their work since 2003 on Avenue McGill College in Montreal and in Ottawa. He was also the director of photography for projects like Montreal Design’, an exhibition displayed in Montreal-Trudeau airport, and both Dans les Coulisses (Behind the Scenes) and les gestes de la priere (prayer gestures) for the Montreal Lights Festival. Jean-Eudes Schurr  took an active part as a photographer for most of these projects.
JES also published a series of photographic books, developed some new concepts to present the corporate world, and has a vast collection of photos on Montreal and Quebec.