Jennifer Gillespie

Spend time with Donny and Ozzy and they will change any stereotypical notion you have of a 100-year-old.

These twin brothers still drive and they practise yoga on a regular basis. Within a few short minutes of meeting these two, you will see that their secret to a long happy life is laughter, love and a strong faith. Their close bond is evident in this photo of them on a park bench. They enjoy the simple things in life; even the scenery before them does not go unnoticed, is not taken for granted. “Ozzy was raising his hands in appreciation, exclaiming to Donny, ‘Just look at this! Just look at how beautiful this all is!’ They are an inspiration,” says photographer Jennifer Gillespie.

Jennifer is a self-taught photographer who has been surrounded by photography from the very beginning. Her father, a professional photographer himself, would often photograph Jennifer and her brother growing up. Jennifer gained experience in front of the camera as well during her time as a former fitness model and competitor. However, it wasn’t until Jennifer had children of her own that her love of photography became her true passion. Today Jennifer runs a children/family photography business, as well as a wedding photography business with her husband.