Kim Stallknecht

Madelyn Hadikin, affectionately known as ‘Madygirl’ to her close-knit family, has cerebral palsy with 
a seizure disorder and microcephaly (her head is abnormally small for the size of her body). However, her diagnosis doesn’t diminish this five-year-old’s outgoing and exuberant personality. Her family drives an hour each way daily from Langley, BC, to Vancouver’s Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, where Madygirl’s mood instantly changes, her infectious smile beaming when she sees the familiar faces. Although living with serious difficulties, Madygirl creates a positive and warm energy flow among those who provide care and manage her symptoms and pain.
This photograph was taken in the Canuck Place art room, when Madygirl was getting ready to paint a Blossom of Hope art bowl for auction at the hospice’s Gift of Time gala held on October 27, 2012. The photo was featured at the special event and donors responded generously. The $700,000 raised that evening enables continued support of critical palliative care to children across British Columbia and help for their families. “Madygirl may not be aware of how this picture changes the lives of others,” says photographer Kim Stallknecht, “but her family sure is!”

Kim Stallknecht was born on The Rock (Newfoundland) and gradually made her way across the country to Vancouver in 1994 where she continues working as a full time photographer. Her lengthy career includes working with a myriad of clients (such as AFP) on many international, political and Royal events. She has covered Summer and Winter Olympic games, including Vancouver 2010 as part of the New York Times photo team, and made countless portraits and photographed essays for magazines and newspapers locally and abroad. More recently, she dons steel toed boots to photograph industrial images in sometimes remote locations. Kim continues to be passionate in our world of photojournalism—always committed to working with a positive attitude and a healthy sense of humour through challenging situations to try to make the best images possible. She is very grateful for her long time clients and continues to source new and innovative contacts in this ever changing and truly competitive digital marketplace.