Larry Frank

Three years ago, photographer Larry Frank was in a bar in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, enjoying a margarita and watching the sunset, when in walked ten-year-old Gilad. “Wanna buy my muffins?” he asked.
“What struck me about this native-Mexican tyke was his flawless English—and his marketing prowess,” says Larry. “He priced his pack of assorted muffins at 45 pesos. Most of us would pay him with a handy 50-peso note … and Gilad never had the 5-peso change for the 50. But he apologized in absolutely perfect English.” 
Larry took an instant liking to the muffin tycoon and got to know him better. After learning why young Gilad, and his siblings, spoke English so well (a Mexican-born father raised in Kelowna, B.C., by English- and German-speaking adoptive parents), and how Gilad’s muffin business helped support the family, Larry figured it was a story worth telling.
“I wrote it, took some photos of the family, including this one of Gilad, sold it to a magazine in Mexico
and, in time, sold it again to a Canadian publication,” says Larry. “My fees went to Gilad’s father for his son’s education. And of course, Gilad used copies of the magazine article to advertise his muffins and better support his family.”

Larry Frank: photographer, traveller, writer, Photoshop instructor, digital retouch artist, motivational speaker and forever a student.
Apprenticed at New York’s prestigious studio, Robert Crandall Associates, where he designed and photographed a cover for Time Magazine at the age of 23.
In New York, he wrote, directed and produced a film short, It Takes A Phone To Cry, which poked fun at NY Tel and played in New York’s art cinemas. His short film caused the New York Phone Company to disconnect his phone service. He threatened with a sequel film.
Larry spent twenty-four years with Nikon Canada as manager of their Professional Division where he has advised, consulted and instructed photographers ranging from forensic to fashion, managed Nikon’s Olympic and Commonwealth Games projects, pioneered the Nikon School of Photography and has presented this one-day photo seminar to over 130,000 professionals and photo enthusiasts across Canada.
Larry has authored three instructional CDs on travel and digital photography, written articles for several photo magazines and has hosted several photo expeditions for Adventure Canada to the Arctic, Newfoundland and Labrador, Greenland, Baffin Island, The Antarctic, Tierra del Fuego and Scotland.