Larry Strung

In 2008, Larry Strung conducted a year-long photography project in Hamilton, Ontario, that involved creating a portrait of a different person in the city on each day. The images were posted to on a daily basis. It became very popular, averaging over 3000 hits per day.
On August 1, Larry photographed Thomas, a homeless man. The Hamilton 365 project ended on December 31, 2008.
A year later Larry received a telephone call from a woman named Patricia. She had found a photo of her brother Tommy on the website. Clearly emotional, she explained that she had been looking for him for twenty-five years.
Patricia flew from her home in Calgary at Eastertime in 2010 and Larry arranged for the two of them to meet. Thomas was also able to reunite with his older brother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, before he passed away in Summer 2010. Thomas now lives in an apartment provided by the Good Shepherd in Hamilton as part of a ‘hostels to homes’ program.
In this snapshot of Patricia and Thomas together, Larry loves that Patricia is so close to Thomas. “Often we keep our distance from homeless people, sometimes for reasons of hygiene. But Patricia’s love for Tommy, her joy in finding him after so many years, easily overcame this,” says Larry.

Hamilton-based portrait and freelance editorial photographer, Larry Strung has had his work featured in many venues including a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Beyond his commercial work, Larry has worked consistently with social agencies such as the Living Rock ministry to street youth.
Finding—and portraying through his photography—the beauty in every person, regardless of their position in society, is a passion for Strung.
A current editorial client recently remarked, “Larry really has an understanding of humanity.” Contributing to PhotoSensitive is a natural extension of this compassion.