Laura Bombier

Photographer Laura Bombier spent her childhood living beside a freshwater lake or an ocean. It nurtured in her a love and a connection to the sea.
She took this photo during the filming of some feeding frenzies for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. “I was curious about these magnificent creatures but also eager to show their beauty,” says Laura. “I love this photo because it shows the film crew surrounded by sharks in open water, each just doingand enjoying what comes naturally to them: the one shooting film, the other eating fish!”
The image has been used, in print and online, to help numerous ocean charities as well as the Fin Free movement in Toronto and around the world. Comments back often speak of the photo’s profound effect on people.
“And when I hear questions like, ‘How could you do that? Weren’t you scared? Won’t the sharks eat you?’” says Laura, “I realize that most people have never dived or seen a shark in the wild. So this photo has, I think, become part of the movement to break down a barrier of fear created, for example, by movies like Jaws. It all starts with education.
“If this photo can change one person’s mind, or can make people stop and think about their misconceptions concerning sharks, then it has accomplished something.”

Ranked among the country’s finest photographers with over twenty years in the photographic industry, her experiences range from freelance to underwater, corporate, editorial, fashion, portraits, weddings, architecture, and even family gatherings. Whether she’s slogging through the jungles of Papua New Guinea or flanked by models in the streets of Toronto, Laura Bombier knows what it takes to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment.
Never ceasing to challenge herself in new ways, she divides her time between Muskoka and Toronto, creating unique work opportunities and creative spaces that allow her art to evolve and grow. Selecting her photos for publication in the likes of Outside, Canadian Geographic Magazine, Mens Journal, Canadian Living, UP!, and Today’s Parent Magazine. Laura can add Official Stills Photographer and Head of Marketing for survival expert and Canadian icon Les Stroud to her growing list of experience and international photographic awards.