Lyle Stafford

Singer/musician Erin Carson, pictured here in the music room of her Victoria, B.C., home, has suffered from depression since age 14. She attempted suicide when she was 22.
Erin wrote a letter to Lyle Stafford, who took this picture for a Vancouver Sun article about depression:
The photo and the story made a change in my life, mostly in the way I saw and felt about myself …
It inspired me to continue … [using] my words and music to empower people with mental illness to speak their truth, honour their reality (which is different from the reality of most people, by virtue of the darkness that people with mental illness must learn to navigate and integrate), follow their dreams and not accept mental illness as a life sentence to dependence on others and mediocrity in their achievements.
The photo showed me a side of myself that I liked seeing: the depth and joy in my eyes reflected back to me; the happiness and optimism I am still capable of, despite (and perhaps even because of) all that I have suffered and endured …
I think quality, intentional photography is a really powerful way to show someone the beauty in themselves that they might not normally see.

Lyle Stafford is a skilled photographer with years of experience, whose work has taken him to various parts of Canada and the world. Clients include media outlets such as: The Washington Post, The Globe & Mail, National Post, Los Angeles Times, the Toronto Star and the Winnipeg Free Press, as well as the wire services Reuters, Getty and EPA to name a few. His work has also been published in a number of magazines including Time, MacLeans and ESPN. His versatility and ability to capture the essence of a story is demonstrated in his images, no matter the topic.
Lyle is based in Victoria, British Columbia on Canada’s west coast, is highly mobile and welcomes new clients and challenges, no matter the location.