Marc Rochette

Photographer Marc Rochette was visiting with friends when Riley, pictured here in a later photo, and his mom, Leanne, dropped by. “I’d never met them before,” says Marc, “but I shot a few photos of them, just hanging out in the backyard.”
Marc sent some copies to Leanne, and she called him to say thank you. “We talked about Down syndrome and one thing led to another,” says Marc. Leanne agreed to let him document her family and eventually her circle of other families of Down syndrome children … and Marc’s project, Myths + Illusions, was born. He was invited to join a 2012 exhibit in Dublin, Ohio, produced by Shifting Perspectives. The group tries to build awareness and change perspectives through the positive photography of Down syndrome.
Along the way, Archives Canada purchased Myths + Illusions for their permanent collection in Ottawa. “They said that their only images of people with Down syndrome were from the 1950s,” says Marc. “Those images showed children and adults housed in dormitories, and not living and participating in society. Now, when students and scholars research Down syndrome, they have images that are not only more current but also more real and accurate.”
A world of change for a lot of people, and it began with a backyard snapshot.

Photography has led Marc to many adventures concerning the human journey. His project Myths + Illusions has been collected by Archives Canada for their permanent collection.
Marc’s photographs have been published in The Globe and Mail, the National Post, Maclean’s magazine, Clublink magazine, Today’s Parent Magazine, Camera Canada, Canadian Geographic, Photo Techniques, Report on Business Magazine, Photo Life, Beautiful Weddings, Now Magazine, Life of Water and Our Children.