Martin Beaulieu

‘‘So they are really building a wall?!’’ In a Texas border town, a few kilometres from a barrier she’d never seen, one of the residents was stunned when she was shown this scene from the Pacific coast.
Straddling the borderline where it vanishes into the ocean, the view offers a striking contrast. On the left, the U.S. Border Field State Park is deserted. On the right, life goes on in Mexico’s popular Playas de Tijuana. “Travelling the whole length of the U.S.–Mexico border, I met people who shared the Texan woman’s astonishment—with thoughts and debates following,” says photographer Martin Beaulieu.
Invited to present his At the Foot of the Wall Project to high schools, Martin saw reflection coming after surprise. Students asked questions about the impact of the wall on everyday life for local people. They discussed the meaning of such a barrier for neighbouring nations. They learned and thought about inequalities that exist between North and South.
“Still photography allows a different perspective on reality,” says Martin. “The way the wall is shown here is precisely what made that lady in Texas—and others—realize its power. And in considering that, maybe helped change their perspective.”

A freelance photographer for fifteen years, Martin has collaborated with several medias and organizations: Canadian Geographic, Discovery, I.D. magazine, High Life magazine, The Sunday Times, Doctors Without Borders, Canadian International Development Agency, Amnesty International and International Red Cross.
Along with freelance journalist Sophie Mangado, he focuses on untold stories. Armed with a boundless curiosity, they bring images and words to complement each other and report an unvarnished reality.
His work has been exhibited at U.S.A.–Mexico Border: Crossing Over Anyway in Carleton-sur-Mer,
Quebec with Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie (2012); Haiti À Vif in Montreal, Quebec as a Collective exhibition along with the World Press Photo exhibition (2010-11); From Indifference to Action… Tell Me The Story Of AIDS in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Geneva in Collaboration with Doctors Without Borders (2004-6); OM in Montreal and Ottawa (2004); A Thousand Rays of Sunlight Just Beyond The Clouds in Montreal (2002-3); Tibetan Children: A Future In Exile in Montreal (2000-1); and Tibet: Beyond Appearances in Montreal with Amnesty International (1999).