Pawel Dwulit

Homeless Joe, as Réal Leclair likes to be called, posed in front of his handmade shelter under a GO Train track in Toronto. At 52, Joe has spent most of his life living with daily schizophrenic delusions of being beaten, raped and tortured. Since his story and Pawel Dwulit’s photo ran in the Toronto Star on May 17, 2012, Joe has managed to secure community housing and is on a path toward a healthier life.

Pawel Dwulit is an award winning freelance visual journalist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has worked at newspapers such as The National in Abu Dhabi, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and was a regular  contributor to The Canadian Press in Ottawa and Toronto. Dwulit is also a multimedia producer capable of providing professional video and editing services to advertising, corporate and editorial clients. Dwulit holds a undergraduate degree in History from the University of Ottawa as well as a diploma in Photojournalism from Loyalist College.