Pierre Fortier

This photo, taken in 2009, documents the plight of a Mayan mother who carries her growing son afflicted with cerebral palsy. In 2012, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Guatemala Stove Project organization (based in Perth, Ontario) and the Transitions Foundation of Guatemala, Miguel was equipped with a customized wheelchair. By raising awareness about the lack of government services in the Guatemala Highlands for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, it is hoped that Canadians will be inspired to help support other Guatemalan persons with disabilities. To that end, this photo and Miguel’s story appear in the 2013 calendar of the Guatemala Stove Project organization.

Pierre Fortier studied photography at Algonquin College and the School of the Photographic Arts in Ottawa, Canada. In 2009, he went to Guatemala as a volunteer for the Guatemala Stove Project. There he captured the living conditions of Mayan families settled in remote villages of the country’s western highlands. Pierre’s striking pictures of Mayan life are featured in GSP posters and calendars.
Pierre’s love of nature, star-gazing, bird-watching, and travel are highlighted in his photographs, which can be found at www.imagespilou.com.