Renaud Philippe

“It would be wonderful to say this photo changed the life of this boy, and participated in the improvement of his living conditions,” says photographer Renaud Philippe, “but I think it is difficult and rare for a single image to cause that kind of concrete and measurable change.”

That said, this photo did bring understanding of the urgency and the drama of the situation after the earthquake in Haiti. It certainly made an impression in Renaud’s neighbourhood and elsewhere when it was published and particularly when it was used by Care Canada in a fundraiser for Haiti. “I trust their work. I saw them provide aid and comfort in the chaotic aftermath of the earthquake. I am confident that the funds were used well and was glad to contribute to their efforts,” says Renaud.

Personally, Renaud feels his experience in Haiti changed something in him, in the way he takes photographs. “This boy, waiting for distribution of food, convinced me that the way to speak to social issues is from the perspective of the people, the feeling and the atmosphere. Images can do that, show things firsthand, and have an impact. And that gives rise to empathy, which leads people to create change.

Renaud Philippe is a young freelance photographer living in Quebec. It is the love of travel, journalism and human encounters that led him to photography. Photography is, for him, an extension of his compassion for human beings. Renaud is sensitive to loneliness, exclusion and it drives his work in Haiti, Tunisia, India, Nepal, or closer to home.
Renaud’s work was published, among others,in Le Monde Diplomatique, Maclean’s, Canadian Geographic, Days Japan and Le Devoir. His work in Haiti received an Award of Excellence at POYi.