Roger Cullman

“I knew I was done with my eating disorder when I chose, actively, to live in the greater picture of the world around me. An eating disorder can shrink your world to the thin reflection in the mirror with dangerously low numbers. Zero has nothing to lose. Do you dare to let change find you amidst the illusory stillness of the image?” — Britt
Britt had been living with an eating disorder since she was 14. She was 28 at the time of this photo. By 31, Britt conquered her eating disorder and developed a much healthier outlook on life.

Roger Cullman is a photojournalist based in Toronto, where he specializes in documenting the arts and culture scene. He shoots for Toronto Community News by day and for blogTO and NOW Magazine by night. Roger is a graduate of the esteemed Photojournalism program at Loyalist College, supplementing his journalism degree from Ryerson University. His photographs have also been published in The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, Metro News, Spacing, The WILD Magazine, Chatelaine, and Sports Illustrated. Roger has participated in exhibitions at Analogue Gallery, GalleryDK, #Hashtag Gallery, Hotshot Gallery, Snowball Gallery, Steamwhistle Gallery, Queen West Art Crawl’s Art Show & Sale, and The Fuel of Life, Photosensitive’s 2011touring exhibition.
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