Salina Kassam

Photographer Salina Kassam visited the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in early 2004. At the end of that year, on December 26, a devastating tsunami hit the region’s coastal area. Salina’s photo, taken in the inland city of Vijayawad, joined the many others posted on the Internet with pleas for help. NetAid (now Mercy Corps) was doing work in Andhra Pradesh while Salina was there, but she was heartened to see that the website DailyCandy NYC, which used the photo she submitted, included a long list
of additional humanitarian organizations with relief programs in Southeast Asia.
“In the aftermath of the tsunami, there were hundreds—probably thousands—of images online. I thought it was important that people see not only photos of the disaster but also photos before the tsunami … in this case, children in their daily life. Donations would help restore what was—and that’s what I wanted my photo to be part of,” says Salina.

Salina is a freelance photographer based in Toronto. She studied documentary photography at The International Centre for Photography in New York and Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto. Her work has taken her to many corners of the globe where her passion for observing the everyday has culminated in many bodies of work, which bring home a story that is sensitive to the human landscape.
Her work has won awards and she has been recognized for her contributions to many humanitarian organizations in Africa, India, Central America, as well as at home in Canada. Salina has worked with PhotoSensitive, a group of Canadian photographers who focus on human issues bringing awareness through photography.