Sean White

Hurricane survivor José Francisco, age 5, sits on a chair in the village of San Carlos, Honduras, after landslides caused by Hurricane Mitch destroyed most of his village. The Category 5 hurricane dropped record rainfalls in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua between October 29 and November 3, 1998. The resulting floods and landslides killed more than 11,000 people and left 2.7 million people homeless.
This photo was the poster image for photographer Sean F. White’s touring photo exhibition “Alma” (Spanish for “Soul”). The project documented the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras while celebrating the human spirit of its survivors, as they rebuilt in the weeks following the disaster. The images inspired the public not only to donate funds and clothing but also to join relief efforts and embrace the theme of the project: resilience and hope in the face of disaster.

Sean F. White is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer and film director whose assignments and personal projects take him to all corners of the globe.