Simon Wilson

“The Power of a Portrait” Simon Wilson’s photograph of Nathan Shaw was part of PhotoSensitive’s 2008–2010 Cancer Connections project. The outdoor exhibit was launched in Toronto, expanded as it travelled to Charlottetown, Montreal, Regina, Winnipeg, Saint John, Halifax, St. John’s, Vancouver and Calgary, and culminated in Ottawa with almost 1,000 images.
Nathan shares why this photograph is important to him: “In a single shot, it shows the tragic reality
of what happened in my life. My father passed away as a result of a toxic chemical fire that caused the cancer that took his life. I lost my dad, and my best friend. The photo reminds us all of the real dangers of being a firefighter. My dad willingly gave his life for others, and in the end made the ultimate sacrifice. His helmet represents his heroic legacy. The photo’s raw simplicity shows what cancer’s impact looks like through the eyes of those it tragically leaves behind.”

Simon Wilson is an award-winning photojournalist based in Hamilton, Ontario. Wilson’s work has appeared in major international publications ranging from The Washington Post, The Times of London, The Globe & Mail, MacLean's, and the Toronto Star. For over twenty years, this sought after photojournalist has honed his skills at catching not just a record of the moment, but the essence of it.
He has contributed pieces to many books, periodicals, exhibitions, galleries, and shows.