Thomas Fricke

In Summer 1993, roughly 11,000 people took part in an anti-logging protest in British Columbia’s Clayoquot Sound; more than 900 people were arrested. These protests succeeded in changing environmental policy to prevent the mass clear-cutting of Clayoquot’s temperate rainforest. Loggers left and ecotourism arrived with entrepreneurs such as John Caton, who established the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge in 1998.
The lodge is committed to operating in Clayoquot Sound in a sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner, as governed by the United Nations Biosphere Reserve policies, and it promotes responsible environmental stewardship to its guests. Thomas Fricke’s photograph of John Caton perched on a large tree stump, a reminder of the area’s logging past, was featured in Canadian Business magazine’s “Hug this Tree” article. Media exposure such as this helps promote environmental awareness and encourage the prevention of unnecessary deforestation.

Thomas Fricke is a commercial photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His assignments have taken him worldwide to areas such as Rio de Janeiro, Ireland and Bermuda, and he has shot for Forbes, New York Times, Canadian Geographic and Macleans to name just a few, and more than twenty five film set productions. His stock photography is represented by Corbis New York and First Light in Toronto.