Tobi Asmoucha

After the war in Afghanistan broke out, Tobi Asmoucha was given an assignment to go to Bluffer’s Park in Toronto to photograph an Afghani family. She felt a little stressed about asking groups of strangers where they were from, but when she got to the park, a man spotted her camera and called her over, saying, “We are from Afghanistan.”
Tobi ended up sharing their afternoon—and kebabs—while discussing their respective lives and cultures (they figured out her Jewish Iraqi heritage before she told them). And the whole setting took Tobi back in time, to her immigrant past and childhood when her family and community gathered for similar picnics in Vancouver.
“It made me realize that most people just want to be understood and connect to one another,” says Tobi. “I hope that my work helps to alter people’s perceptions of other communities and make us more connected to one another.”

Tobi Asmoucha is a Toronto-based photographer whose images explore themes of community and the traditions that bind them. Since graduating from Ryerson’s School of Image Arts in 1992, Asmoucha has been working as a freelance photographer and photo educator.  Her practice includes a mixture of editorial and commercial work for corporate and socially based clients. Her documentary work has been acknowledged with a National Magazine Award, as well as Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Jewish Arts Council grants.  In 2007 Tobi was invited to become a core member of PhotoSensitive.
Since 1993 Tobi Asmoucha has been exhibiting her work nationally in solo and group shows.  Her most recent solo exhibition Legion Halls, was on display at the Canadian War Museum until January 2012.  This photographic documentary focused on the integral part Legion Halls play in communities across Canada, by capturing everyday moments intermingled between the past and present. Asmoucha’s work is part of the photographic collection at MOCCA, and the Canadian War Museum.