Tony Bock

These pictures are from a feature photographer Tony Bock who worked at the Toronto Star in April 2008.
Sunny View Public School, operated by the Toronto District School Board, has been educating children with physical and mental disabilities for many years. In 2008 they had started a program to “reverse integrate” some children without disabilities into the school. While Tony was with the kids, he watched—and captured—this little event unfold. One of the new kids, Roberta (right), was feeling left out, but Samira (centre) had made a card to welcome her. The sequence shows Roberta warming to Samira’s gesture and then hugging her.
 “The kids I saw were learning to show real care and compassion for their classmates who were less able. Here is one young girl, showing a small gesture that made a real difference to another person,” says Tony.

Tony Bock has worked as a photojournalist since 1973, in London and Toronto.  He has recently produced a book of photographs documenting Britain in the 1970’s, but mostly spends his time restoring an old CPR railway station.