Valerie MacGregor-Rempel

In 2011, one year after a horrific earthquake almost destroyed Haiti and killed approximately 220,000 people, Valerie MacGregor-Rempel went to the island to document the positive changes.
“As a photographer and children’s advocate, I jumped at the opportunity,” says Valerie.
Just outside of Jacmel, Valerie and a missionary from Alberta noticed a little girl who looked uncared for and who wasn’t going to school. Since children in the area attend school for free and wear uniforms provided by sponsorship, this was unusual enough to draw their attention. “We learned that the little girl was a restivek (slave),” says Valerie. “The woman who owned her made fun of her and thought my interest in rescuing her—we made six, ultimately unsuccessful, attempts—was funny.”
Of the many images from her five weeks in Haiti, this one of the little girl, Enite, means the most to Valerie. “The photo and the experience are a constant reminder of how much evil lurks in our world. Through gallery showings, this image and the story have created some awareness that slavery still exists; however, it has not brought the extent of change I hoped for. But I won’t give up.”

Valerie MacGregor-Rempel is an accomplished professional photographer/artist and child’s advocate.
Her work has graced the front page of newspapers and magazines. Valerie’s photo exhibits have been featured in galleries. Valerie has contributed her photographs to PhotoSensitive, a social photography group out of Toronto that deals with a variety of social issues through black and white photography. Recently Valerie contributed photos to PhotoSensitive’s Cancer Connection exhibit which toured Canada for two years and most recently contributed to the Energy Project.
Valerie is a strong advocate for children and women’s issues. Valerie, being a rape survivor and surviving child abuse, believes that life is truly a gift.
Through her camera, Valerie brings energy and sensitivity to a range of familiar subjects often caught in a fresh and surprising way—from a crying child on a beach being consoled to a calm, smiling cancer patient sharing their story.
Valerie was born in Oshawa, Ontario. After a career in modelling in the Windsor/Detroit area, she opened a modelling agency. Working with photographers in turn stimulated her interest in life on the other side of the camera, and this culminated in her new career as a photographer.