Oxford Properties is proud to participate in Picture Change by Photosensitive.

Oxford is a global platform for real estate investment, development and management, with over 1,400 employees and over $21 billion of real assets that it manages for itself and on behalf of its co-owners and investment partners. Established in 1960, Oxford has regional offices in Toronto, London and New York, and the company's portfolio includes approximately 50 million square feet of office, retail, industrial, multi-family and hotel properties.

More than 1 million people go through an Oxford owned and managed property every day in Canada. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, and believe that creating a welcoming and positive environment is an important part of creating a good experience for our customers. Partnering with Photosensitive allows us to bring engaging and thoughtful art into public space while also supporting our local Canadian artists. We hope you take the opportunity to view one of the many exhibits rotating through an Oxford office space in downtown Toronto starting this summer.

Twenty three years ago, a talented collection of photojournalists and artists came together to promote social awareness through their images. Guided by Andrew Stawicki, PhotoSensitive tackles subjects that celebrate or bring attention to worthwhile causes.

Through the lenses of these photographers, these issues are made real. The photographs and the stories they tell allow us to identify with the subjects on a real and personal level. Whether the subject is cancer, AIDS, water or integrating into our community, PhotoSenstitve handles each topic with the care and attention it deserves. Epson Canada Limited is proud to support the efforts of PhotoSensitive.

Andrew Patrick, Manager Professional Imaging, Epson Canada Ltd

Kubik is proud to support PhotoSensitive and its continuing mission to bring about social change through the powerful medium of photography. Recognizing creativity in all its forms, Kubik is committed to pushing the boundaries of creative design in the realm of museum construction, exhibitry, special-events marketing, and retail and corporate environments. For more than 30 years, Kubik has been a global leader in providing integrated design and build solutions. With facilities in North America and Europe, we are a full-service provider offering our clients expertise in innovative design, project management and state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities. At Exhibits Kubik, we create the most extraordinary experiences in the world.

In the past, Kubik has been proudly associated with local cultural organizations such as the 
Toronto International Film Festival and the Royal Ontario Museum. We thank PhotoSensitive for including us in its inspiring projects.

-Patrick Dahan, Vice President Sales, Kubik

Océ-Canada Inc. is proud to support PhotoSensitive and their efforts to raise awareness of important societal issues. Through the Picture Change project, PhotoSensitive brings together 100 compelling images captured by Canadian photographers and shares them with communities across the country. These powerful and sometimes disquieting images connect those in very different realities and can strike change in not only the lives of the subjects but also the viewer.

Océ-Canada Inc., a Canon Group Company, is the global leader in manufacturing large format printers for technical drawings, signage and display graphics and production printers for transaction printing and graphic arts. Océ is excited to partner with PhotoSensitive as they share with Canadians everywhere these moving stories and the transforming power of images. For more information on Océ-Canada Inc.

As the publisher of Canadian photography magazines, we are proud to participate in Picture Change because this project touches the essence of photography and art. Remember when we were young, and we wanted to change the world? Well, the world can't be completely fixed in one day, but art can connect people and prompt positive change—the power of photography is immense. This is what this project conveys, and this is what we try to share with our readers with every issue of our magazines.

- Photo Editor Valerie Racine from Photo Life Magazine