Destination Toronto
Image Credit: V. Tony Hauser
In 2003, more than four hundred people in Canada were diagnosed with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and forty-three died, most of them in Toronto. Thousands of people were quarantined, and airport security was increased, to try to screen for common SARS-related symptoms among passengers arriving in Canada. Toronto endured two waves of the SARS illness and the city's economic future looked gloomy, especially after the World Health Organization issued a travel advisory. The object was to show the world that Toronto had, indeed, survived the SARS scare and was alive and functioning as an exciting destination for travellers. With our ranks swelled to over 60 photographers, we set about documenting Toronto's diversity, its colourful neighbourhoods, its nightlife, the dozens of festivals and parades and major sporting events that made the city a vibrant and exciting place to visit. This exhibition is the sum of that endeavor.