Krakow 2000        

"We speak of a place as a student town,
an artists' haven, a magnet for scholars,
a working-class city. Each of these labelsĀ 
fits today's Krakow, but none of them
alone describes it."

Photosensitive sent a group of nine photographers to spend 10 days in this beautiful European city of some 1,300 years to produce another stunning black-and-white photographic presentation as part of Contact 2000.

Proclaimed as a European City of Culture for the year 2000, Krakow put on her finest show of ancient streets, extraordinary churches, university colleges and everyday life for the benefit of the camera.

As it did centuries ago, the city brings together Eastern and Western Europe, a meeting place for different cultures and nations. In recent years, Krakow has been an important centre for conferences, symposiums and expositions.

The Krakow exhibit will be sent to Poland as part of the continuing celebrations.