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PHOTOSENSITIVE Since 1990, PhotoSensitive has been harnessing the power of black-and-white photography to raise public consciousness of critical issues around the globe. We have initiated projects on topics ranging from child poverty in Canada and Aboriginal children’s literacy in northern Ontario’s isolated communities, to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and urgent environmental issues. Each of our projects is spurred by the desire to affect social change in our world.
THE CANCER CONNECTIONS On the basis of current incidence rates, 38% of Canadian women and 44% of Canadian men will develop cancer during their lifetimes*. Steadily rising trends over the last ten years make these statistics more and more disturbing. We believe that this project will encourage each of us as Canadians to increase our awareness of cancer risks, and, ultimately, to be instrumental in our own prevention of the disease.
THE INVITATION The impact of PhotoSensitive’s work is found in the faces of the people who allow us to photograph them, often during the most vulnerable times of their lives. We invite you to join THE CANCER CONNECTIONS by asking a person who lives with cancer if they would lend their face to this important campaign. Their support could help turn the tide of rising statistics which, unless halted, could soon impact close to half of Canada’s population.

* Canadian Cancer Society/National Cancer Institute of Canada: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2006


A nation-wide photo project which will bring to view cancer’s shocking toll on Canadians.

To engage Canadians to become more aware of cancer trends and methods of prevention, and help stop rising incidence rates in Canada.
One black-and-white image, 300 dpi, JPG format, 16” x 20”, ready to print. A description of the image, including name of the subject and their connection to cancer, maximum 50 words, must be included in ‘File Info’ or in the body of your email. Files should be labelled by the photographer’s full name. Please email image file and release form to
Photographs of people who live with cancer, have survived cancer, or have lost a loved one to cancer. In the latter case, the image must reflect the absence of that person, perhaps by including a photograph of them in the image.
Each image must be accompanied by an official release form, which can be downloaded from Please scan and email signed release forms to If a scan is not possible, please fax to 905-272-0474.
Images will be gathered from 1,000 photographers across Canada, and presented in the form of printed exhibitions, web/digital media and the publishing of a book.

If you would like your participation to be recognized as a group, please indicate this in your email submission.
The first exhibition will launch in Toronto, at City
Hall, May 20, 2008. The exhibition will then travel around the country over the next two years, visiting each province and growing as it travels. Currently the invitation for submissions is open; deadlines for the next exhibition will be posted soon.. A list of participating photographers and updated project information will be available on our website.
Please confirm your commitment to participate by calling or emailing James Burns, Project Coordinator at or 905-282-9074.
As with all of our projects, the photographer retains the ownership and copyright on their image, with the understanding that PhotoSensitive may use the image for non-commercial purposes in connection with THE CANCER PROJECT.